Preventative Dentistry

Routine Evaluations and dental cleanings allow us to maintain your overall oral health and discover any problems before they become major issues. Our goal is to help you to retain your natural teeth for as long as possible. Even for patients who are edentulous (have no teeth), routine evaluations are just as important as a regular medical check-up. The dentist looks at your whole mouth and performs an oral cancer screening during an evaluation. The dentist can also evaluate and adjust the fit of any partials or dentures you may have.

On your first visit we will provide an in depth evaluation of your overall dental health, including any other medical issues you may have. We will take x-rays and intraoral pictures to allow us to do this along with focused imaging of any problem areas. The dentist will discuss the findings with you and a treatment plan to maintain and correct any problem areas.

The hygienist is able to provide routine cleanings, non-surgical periodontal therapy, fluoride treatments and sealants on children. In office Whitening is also provided by the hygienist.