Oral Surgery

Dazzling Smiles in Syracuse removes teeth through simple or surgical tooth extraction methods. A dental extraction is a removal of a tooth from the mouth. Tooth extraction procedures are far less painful than they used to be because of strong local anesthetics that can be used. In most cases, patients who have tooth extractions experience little discomfort and minor bleeding. Our dentists will use a topical spray to numb the area before an anesthetic is injected to reduce the discomfort. After an extraction, sometimes an antibiotic and pain relievers are required, depending on the procedure, to make sure that infection does not occur. Sutures may be placed requiring a follow up visit to remove them.

Sometimes a painful condition will occur called a dry socket. This happens when the blood clot fails to form or falls out before the socket has healed on its own. The socket will look whitish instead of red. If you develop severe pain within a few days after the dental procedure, please call our Syracuse office right away. This condition is treatable, but will require the dentist to clean the area and apply a special paste to aid in healing. Please follow the post operative instructions given. This will lessen the chance of a dry socket occurring.